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Phad Thai – ” ผัดไทย “

A stir fried rice noodle dish found on literally every single night market in Thailand. Phad Thai is a real street food classic. It is pretty much a national dish, though not with a very long history. It became popular in Thailand during, and after world war II.
The recipe shown here is with the original preparation of the Tamarind Sauce, like taught in our Thai cooking lessons with Joy. It is possible to substitute this with the commonly available Tamarind paste.
Recently the Tourism Authority of Thailand published a video about this popular Thai dish:

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Phad Thai - " ผัดไทย "
Thai Cooking Class Phad Thai
Cuisine Thai
Cuisine Thai
Thai Cooking Class Phad Thai
Tamarind Sauce
  1. Mix tamarind with some water and use only the liquid, like learned in the cooking course, put aside.
  2. Heat cooking oil in a big pan (wok) and fry the red onions in it until golden brown.
  3. Add 4 table spoons of the tamarind liquid and mix with the sugar and some more water and bring to boil, put aside.
Phad Thai
  1. Chop tofu to cubes and deep fry – put aside
  2. Prepare Tamarind Sauce
  3. Heat cooking oil in the wok and fry the meat/prawns until almost cooked.
  4. Add the eggs and stir until a little solid.
  5. Add tofu and stir
  6. Add noodles, vegetables, tamarind sauce, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, some more water and keep stirring.
  7. Add more water if it gets sticky or the noodles are not cooked properly.
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