Thai Cooking Lesson – Phanaeng (พะแนง) Curry Chicken

The Phanaeng (or Panang, Penang) Curry is originating from central Thailand and the recipe goes back hundreds of years. The word Phanaeng comes from the Khmer language meaning cross, mostly used for a cross-legged seating position. Traditionally the chicken was placed in a cross legged position upright on the grill. The chicken was bathed in the curry paste with grounded peanuts and then brushed with the same mixture over the whole cooking process. Later the process was simplified by cutting up the chicken in large pieces and, instead of being prepared on the grill, it went to the pot where it was cooked in the sauce. In this cooking lesson you will learn how to cook the Phanaeng Curry Chicken or, if you are vegetarian, Phanaeng Curry can be prepared as well as a vegetarian dish with Tofu.

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Penang Curry Chicken
  1. Fry the curry paste with the oil in a wok
    Cooking Class Phanaeng Curry 2
  2. Add chicken, bring to boil again and stir occasionally until the chicken is almost cooked
    Cooking Class Phanaeng Curry 3
  3. Add half of the coconut milk
  4. Add long beans and salt and sugar to taste
  5. Keep stirring until the chicken and the long beans are cooked
  6. Add sliced lime leaves, the red chilly peepers and some more coconut milk if the sauce appears to be too dry
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