Yellow Curry แกงเหลือง

Yellow Curry Chicken

Yellow Curry

The following recipe is not the Yellow Curry แกงกะหรี่ (kaeng kari) commonly found under the label Yellow Curry in Thai restaurants in the west, but แกงเหลือง (kaeng lueang), literally translated “Yellow Curry”. This Thai dish is also known as kaeng som and belongs to the Southern Thai Cuisine. It is lighter in color than the kaeng kari and more sharp and spicy in taste.
Like most other curries in Thai cuisine it can be prepared with different main ingredients. The recipe below is the vegetarian variety with Tofu. In our cooking courses you can choose which main ingredient to go with the Curry.

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Yellow Curry Tofu
Cuisine Southern Thai, Thai
Cuisine Southern Thai, Thai
  1. Chop tofu, potatoes and onions the way you learned it when cooking with Joy.
  2. Pour coconut milk and water in a pot.
  3. Add paste and potatoes.
  4. Boil until potatoes are almost cooked.
  5. Add fried onions and tofu, salt and sugar.
  6. Keep stirring, if too thick add more water.
  7. Done when potatoes are cooked.
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