Our cooking class program on Koh Tao offers 2 standard cooking classes:
Half Day and Full Day Cooking Class.

Half Day Cooking Class

Duration about 3 hours, 3 dishes fixed menu, Price: 1,500 THB / person.


Starting times for the cooking class can be either 9:30 am or 2:30 pm at Sairee. You start preparing and cooking right away. Please ask for the exact location when booking.

Here are 4 examples of popular menus which you will find again on our booking schedule. These menus are all fairly easy to prepare and reflect what our students were choosing most of the time. However, since we are limiting our groups to only 4 per teacher, we are offering you as well to choose the dishes of the cooking class menu yourself freely, if you are the first person or group, booking the lessons with us.

Menu 1:

  1. Penang Curry Chicken or Pork
  2. Phad Thai Goong (shrimp)
  3. Spring Rolls

Menu 2:

  1. Stir fried Ginger
  2. Phad Thai Goong (Fried Noodle with Shrimps
  3. Massaman Curry Tofu or Chicken

Menu 3:

  1. Spring Rolls
  2. Massaman Curry
  3. Ton Kha

Menu 4

  1. No Name
  2. Green Curry
  3. Phad King Gai – Stir fried Ginger

Full Day Cooking Class

Duration about 5 – 6 hours, 5 dishes free choice, Price: 2,100 THB / person.


Not available at the moment!
The starting time for the full day cooking course is 9:30 am.
Upon arrival you will discuss with Joy and the other participants (together maximum 4 per teacher) what dishes you would like to learn to cook. After a menu is agreed upon you will go together with Joy to the nearby market places with local produce which are located just 5 minutes away from our cooking school. Your teacher will show you how to judge the freshness of the goods and answer questions about all those “strange” things on display.
Back to the cooking school you will start preparing the dishes under Joy’s supervision.