Apartment Way Description

Your apartment is located on the 1st floor of the same building where our cooking school is located.
Here the link to the google map for our school:Google map

The little road where the house is, is not on google maps yet, but the coordinates of the house are very accurate.
Just take the road at Monsoon Gym,

Junction at Monsoon Gym
follow it for about 120m and take the first turn left (there is a sign “Thai cooking with Joy” pointing in that direction).
Please turn left here

This little road leads down the hill for 40m and on the bottom, before it goes up again, there is a path to left leading to a big house.

Follow this path on the left to the house

Directly after the entrance to the right is the entrance door to your apartment.
Apartment entrance to the right

To the left of the door is a lock box, which opens with number “1984”
Apartment entrance door with lock box
Lock box
Put in 1984 to open and get your key

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