Although our homestay is open to everyone, it is especially suited for food aficionados who want to in depth knowledge of the Thai cuisine.

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The homestay boasts a full 90m2 of living space spread out over 2 stories.

The living room:

The living room is spacious enough to allow for putting a queen sized air bed in to take advantage of the space providing then sleeping for 4. Amenities include a 55″ smart TV with Android box and Netflix. The balcony gives you a forest view with a glimpse of the Gulf of Thailand and Koh Nang Yuan. For the perfect sunset view over the ocean you can come up to our shared roof terrace.

The sleeping room:

Equipped with air condition and remote controlled ceiling fan you can enjoy the view of lush jungle. A walk in closet / dressing room provides ample space for your belongings . Several lighting options to choose from.

Homestay Bathroom:

All new in 2018, our spacious bathroom is done in stylish polished concrete. It features a big window with jungle view. It comes with the same towels used at Ritz / Carlton in Samui…and they look really stunning if you are using the blue light option 😉


One story down is the kitchen located. It is built on the mountain slope with one side completely comprised out of the natural granite boulders of Koh Tao. The kitchen is equipped with all cooking utensils necessary to try out the recipes you’re going to learn at our cooking school.

Porch / Dining:

Just outside of the kitchen is the dining area which is covered with a traditional thatched roof. It sits on your spacious porch, surrounded by lush green.

Shared Spaces:

Want to see more of the ocean? Just come up to our roof terrace. There is not only our cooking school, but as well a lounge area to enjoy the sunset.

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