The ultimate Thai dining experience

Are you one of the people who really like to immerse themselves into the culture of the country you’re visiting? – On the food level you don’t have to look further. Our cooking school teachers, acting as your private chef, will not only prepare an unforgettable private dinner for you, but serve it the way it is customary in Thailand.

What can we do for you?

Example menu:

  1. Steamed Fish with mushroom sauce
  2. Raw prawns with seafood dip
  3. Tom Yum Goong
  4. Prawn curry à la chef Joy
  5. Papaya salad
  6. Chicken cashew nuts
  7. Mango sticky rice
Price for 7 dishes standard menu
Valid for up to 4 person
8,000 THB
Each additional person1,000 THB
Maximum of people served8
Deluxe menu, Seafood menu with King prawns etc.
Price on request
private chef koh tao raw seafood dish

In Thailand food is very important and always a social event. In Europe people talk about weather, in Thailand about food. Food is served whenever you visit someone and it is rather casual. You won’t find the refined table ware we are using, but only having a single dish is rather an exemption. You don’t eat courses, but there are different dishes on the table and everyone shares them. This is how your personal chef will serve you if you are choosing to dine together around a table.

If it’s a more casual / informal event the dishes can be presented buffet style. Everyone helps themselves to the delicious Thai food on display.

There usually is a minimum of 7 different dishes prepared. This includes one or two Thai deserts if requested. Creating some or all dishes for special dietary needs, be it vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, is not a problem at all. Because of our work with the cooking school, teaching literally thousands of cooking students, we are very well versed to cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

If you like, you can choose the dishes yourself, but we highly recommend to rather give us your ideas and preferences and let your dedicated private chef do the choosing. There are so many outstanding Thai dishes hardly any visitor will have heard of that it would

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