Thai Cooking Class – No Name Vegetable (โนเนมผัก)

Hardly found in any restaurant outside of Thailand, this cooking class is about a Thai snack, which is very popular with westerners, visiting the island destinations in the South of the country. The dish literally has no name in Thailand. It is a snack originating out of times of poverty, when people scrambled to make a living. This dish was made out of scraps. The name is probably not older than a few decades. It probably was named when American soldiers on leave from the Vietnam War were asking for the name of the dish. The Thai script in the title sounds “No Name Pak” with “Pak” meaning “vegetable”.
In our recipe for the cooking class is already mentioned in the ingredients “… and more vegetables of your choice” which can be taken face value – just experiment with any scraps you have at hand. They work as well with minced meats like pork and chicken and as a more sophisticated variety with prawns.
This snack is served with some tomatoes and lettuce. As a sauce you are usually given the same sweet chilly sauce which accompanies spring rolls when ordered in a restaurant. On our picture the sauce is a homemade sweet chilly sauce which preparation we will show you in another Thai Cooking Class recipe. If you like, you can prepare the curry paste yourself: Red Curry Paste

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Cooking Class No Name
Cooking Class No Name Ingredients
Course Snack
Cuisine Thai
Course Snack
Cuisine Thai
Cooking Class No Name Ingredients
  1. Have your ingredients ready. The 2 little bowls on the plate are the Red Curry Paste and the finely chopped lime leaves. Behind the plate you see the tempura and rice flour.
    No Name ingredients
  2. Add all the vegetables, egg, red curry paste, salt and sugar into a bowl. If you are vegan, just leave the egg away.
  3. Add tempura and rice flour
  4. Add a little bit of cold water and mix well
    No Name Thai Cooking Recipe
  5. Heat up the cooking oil in a pan
  6. Add more flour if it is too wet and start spooning it into the hot oil. Just take spoon full and scoop the mixture off the spoon with another spoon or fork.
  7. Fry until golden brown
    Cooking Class No Name frying
  8. Serve with sweet chilly sauce and decoration to your liking
    No Name Serving Example

8 thoughts on “No Name

  1. I remember there being a no name chicken. Would I just add minced chicken to the above recipe to get that?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, We had a Thai family friend who would make no name chicken for me and my sister whenever we visited. She would always serve with 2/3 dipping sauces, my favourite was dark, thick and sticky, salty with a touch of sweet; would you have any suggestions what these sauces could be? Are there any typical sauces served with no name?

    1. There are many different sauces, which can be served as a dip with No Name. Often used are a Sea Food Dip (sweet, sour, spicy), Plum Sauce (sweet), Sweet Chilly Sauce (sweet spicy) and a Soy Sauce Dip (sweet, sour, salty and a little spicy). The last one is our guess for for your favorite: It’s dark and thick and sticky, which comes from the copious amounts of sugar used to get that “touch of sweet” against the other, quite salty tasting ingredients

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