Thai Cooking Green Curry Fish

Thai Cooking – Green Curry

The color of the dish gives this curry the name. It comes from the green chilly and the leaves in the curry paste. Originated in the Central Thai cuisine it is popular in all of Thailand and as well available in most Thai restaurants worldwide. The main protein usually is chicken, pork, beef, fish or fish balls. The Thai Recipe shown is Green Curry Chicken. Like all our recipes it is meant for our students to print out at home or people who already have a good grasp on Thai cooking. In case you would like to do this dish really from scratch, here is the recipe for Green Curry Paste.

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Green Curry Chicken
cooking class green curry ingredients
Cuisine Central Thai
Cuisine Central Thai
cooking class green curry ingredients
  1. Heat up a little of the coconut milk until it boils and add some green curry paste. Mix well
    heat until the oil seperates
  2. Add chicken
    Coconut Milk, Paste And Chicken 1
  3. Add all the hard vegetables with some water. Add some salt and bring to boil again
    Hard Veggies In And Water
  4. When the vegetables are cooked add more coconut milk, sugar, the long beans, kaffir lime or sweet basil (or both)
    Don't Forget Few Drops Of Fish Sauce
  5. Add red pepper and a few drops of fish sauce
    More ingredients
  6. Serve with rice

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