Phanaeng Curry Paste
  1. The shown amounts are sufficient for about 10 portions, depending on how spice you would like the dish to be
  2. First mince the wet ingredients which are: dried chilies soaked in water, lemon grass, red onions, garlic, galangal, ginger and tumeric.
  3. …until it looks like this and put aside
  4. Roast the dry ingredients for the curry paste which are: coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper and dried chilies
  5. After roasting put the dry ingredients in the mortar and grind them
  6. …until it looks like this
  7. Now it’s time to mix the pre prepared dry and wet ingredients together
  8. To save time you can now use a blender with hardly any impact on the taste
  9. Heat up some cooking oil, add the paste, stir well and add some coconut milk for the creamier texture and bring to boil
  10. Here the finished result
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