DIY Red Curry Paste – พริกแกงแดง

If you are already able to do the Green Curry Paste this will be a piece of cake. The only difference is the color of the chilies. Thai cooking can be so simple :-)!
If not, don’t worry. It is as easy as it looks. And if you can’t handle spicy food just use less paste for the dish you are preparing.

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Red Curry Paste
Red Curry Paste Cover
Cuisine Thai
Cuisine Thai
Red Curry Paste Cover
  1. Here the ingredients for the Red Curry Paste in the right relation to each other. Just add a good pinch of salt
    Cooking Class Red Curry Paste 1
  2. Put all ingredients, including (sea) salt in a mortar.
    Cooking Class Red Curry Paste 2
  3. Grind the ingredients into a fine paste - et voila: Red Curry Paste

2 thoughts on “Red Curry Paste

  1. Hi Joy – I have a query about the delicious red curry paste. I made some about 6months ago and haven’t used it for a while. It has been kept in a container in the fridge. Would it still be OK to use? Cheers ! Kathy from Melbourne

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Wigh a little effort you still can use it. Most curry pastes last pretty long in the fridge, with massaman and penang lasting the longest. Red and green curry pastes stay fresh for about 2 month. After that just heat up some oil in a pan and fry the curry paste in it before use.

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